Chicago PD 8×10: Bob, Ruzek’s father, is kidnapped



The 8th season of Chicago PD brought an episode completely focused on Ruzek and his family problems. When his father is kidnapped, he realizes that he is willing to do anything to save him. However, this causes problems for his personal and professional life, especially when he discovers that Burgess does not trust him.

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The relationship between Bob Ruzek and his son, Adam, has always been troubled. However, when his father was kidnapped, Adam did not hesitate to be the first to start looking for him. We also don’t need to say that he was willing to do whatever it took to save him, right?

Before actually starting to look for him for kidnapping, Adam went to Benny, the owner of the bar where Bob spent most of his time. He believed that his father could have been attacked for his gambling addiction. Instead, he found that his father paid off a debt of $ 80,000, which has already turned on all of his danger radars.

Bob was desperate for the debt. Because he was unable to collect the amount on time (after all, who has $ 80,000 down?), He used his skills as a police officer to find out who the gang’s tough guy was and sold his name to Barela, the group’s leader. In addition, we found out that Bob was bribed throughout his career as a police officer.

With the money received, he maintained his addiction. Fortunately, Ruzek and his team managed to not only rescue Bob, but also protect his family’s surname. The problem is that he asked Voight to set aside everything that happened. But the superior knows that this was an attack for all members of the team and it would be immoral for him to ignore the events.

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Since the beginning of Chicago PD, Voight has always treated Adam as if he were his own son. Often, this means precisely having tougher attitudes to protect his integrity. Therefore, perhaps his only mistake in episode 8×10 was not to take Adam out of the case, as his personal judgment could interfere with work.

For Voight, it is important for Adam to understand that Bob’s mistakes are not his, and the father must deal with the consequences of his own actions without his son’s help.

Mysteriously, Barela is found dead with two shots in the back. Many suspect that Adam did this to protect his father – including Burgess – and Voight is one of the few who does not voice his suspicions and waits until new evidence of the murder appears. When they find security videos, it is clear that it was not Adam who killed the criminal.

Ruzek is extremely disappointed in Burgess and makes it clear that he expected a different attitude from her. Upon arriving at the scene, the police officer did not even ask if he was well and soon accused him of the crime. With that, Ruzek believes that the woman he loves does not trust him and this can have great consequences for their relationship.

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