Chicago P.D.: Why Kenny Rixton Disappeared From NBC Drama Season 4


Chicago P.D. the police action drama that premiered on the NBC broadcast network in 2014 as a spin-off of Chicago Fire, is currently moving forward with season 9 and is scheduled to return to fans’ screens in a few days, to close this part of history with a conclusion scheduled by the television network for Wednesday, May 25.

It is many years that Chicago P.D. has been at the forefront as one of the best police series on television. Its fascinating stories keep millions of fans around the world hooked and aware of the exploits of the members of the intelligence unit led by Hank Voight, while they do everything possible to catch the bad guys in the cold and dangerous streets of Chicago.

The hit series has earned critical acclaim over the years. The richness of its plots allows it to position itself as one of the most entertaining action programs while keeping its characters interacting and living their personal lives, in the midst of what it means to be a police officer or detective in a city where danger is always at hand. stalking

Over the years, many characters have also been part of the Chicago P.D. stories. Of the original cast members, most continue to appear on screen, while others fell by the wayside. One of them is Kenny Rixton, a memorable member of the intelligence unit, who was played by Nick Wechsler in the fourth season of the successful series.

As many will remember, Kenny Rixton was only present in the fourth installment of the NBC series, while he replaced Adam Ruzek (Patrick Flueger) temporarily. The character who always proved to be a policeman attached to the principles of justice, left and the fans did not see him again from that moment.

One of Kenny Rixton’s most memorable moments was in the episode entitled “Sanctuary”, the twelfth episode of season 4 of Chicago P.D., when two children are accused of assault and Wechsler’s character asks the children’s father to don’t defend them.

Due to his brief stint on the NBC series, the narrative didn’t delve into Rixton’s personal life, and this is possibly because he was only replacing Adam Ruzek in the short term. It was likely a production decision not to keep him on the show as a member of the Hank Voight-led team. When he said goodbye, he told Ruzek that he had accepted a job as second-in-command. It is also revealed that he was friends with Ruzek’s father during his time on the police force.