Chicago P.D.: This pair of protagonists maintain sincere friendship off the screen


Sharing the same workplace with the same people, for so long, makes trust grow and you can establish a friendship that you can take home or at least off the screen. However, when it comes to the person with whom you make a couple in the plot, the situation changes because, generally, there are scenes with more intimacy and the link must always be stronger with a lot of ethics and professionalism. Although if there is empathy and camaraderie behind the camera, everything else flows smoothly. That’s what happened to this pair of young actors in Chicago P.D.

Yes, exactly as you suspected, we are referring to the couple that in the plot of the series is also a couple and outside the set they became great friends; We talk about Tracy Spiridakos and Jesse Lee Soffer. His roles in the One Chicago franchise, specifically Chicago P.D. where the Greek-Canadian actress plays Detective Hailey Upton who maintains a relationship with her colleague, detective Jay Halstead; After so many years working together, they have surpassed the screen and profess immense affection for each other and show it as a sincere friendship.

Running for more than 200 episodes in Chicago P.D., this police drama boasts an extraordinary cast in which both Spiridakos and Soffer stand out with their undeniable chemistry, on and off set. As often happens in this series of criminal investigations, the couples live their romances intensely to add some tension that viewers often appreciate. With reference to the link between these two characters, it has not been the exception and the public is interested in knowing if there is something else between this pair of actors from the NBC hit.

Detective Jay Halstead (Soffer) has been around since the first season of Chicago P.D., while Spiridakos’ character recently joined in season four as Detective Hailey Upton and became a regular role for season 5 of the series. . Both characters have captivated the public with their love story between colleagues and both even got married in the police drama. So the question about what else is there outside of fiction is recurrent in forums and debates about the series.

In their personal social networks, both Spiridakos and Soffer have shared photographs of both in different situations, drinking beer and eating pizza, walking through the streets of the city, behind cameras during filming, so it is confirmed that they are friends and nothing more. Although the public insists on seeing beyond an image because of the relationship they have within the series.