Chicago P.D.: This is Jason Beghe’s secret to keeping Voight from getting boring


Detective Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), is one of the most important characters in this One Chicago franchise, and he is the dedicated and fervent leader that everyone respects in Chicago P.D. Currently, this crime investigation drama is airing its ninth season, which has become a huge success.

As we will remember, Voight originally started in Chicago Fire, however, back then he was shown as a corrupt cop. But, it was about an undercover cop trying to clean up corruption, when he ends up targeting him, we see him unfolding in Chicago P.D.

In the crime drama, we see him being in control of the fictional 21st Precinct in the Chicago Police Department, which is an elite intelligence unit made up of Chicago’s best. For over eight years, Jason Beghe has finally revealed his secret to keeping his character fresh.

Beghe’s response was exciting, since he himself stated that both he and his character as time goes by, both evolve, since otherwise it would become boring and end up dying, as Jason Beghe detailed in his interview:

“You know, it’s like, how do you keep it fresh in your own life? You know, the character evolves, or it’s going to be boring and it’s going to die. And as I continue to grow, so does he. And, you know, I’m always looking to discover and create new things about him, so it keeps him interesting. No one, not one character or person, is one thing, and there’s always more to discover and create.”

Voight has undoubtedly evolved amazingly, he has witnessed brutal crimes, blackmail, murder and even suffered the loss of his son and the exploitation of his son’s wife and unborn child. Without a doubt, his character has been one of the most matured in Chicago P.D.

Voight has also taken on several of his co-workers as protégés and promoted/demoted characters based on his actions. Ultimately, Voight is a varied character with many different motivations who only seems to be growing as the show goes on.

The sergeant’s attitude is unwavering, relentless and brutal, all in order to fulfill the objective in order to solve a case or save the life of a person in danger. Undoubtedly, the more this crime drama progresses, the more new things it promises, and so far we know that we will continue to see Voight for a long time.