Chicago P.D.: This is how detective Hailey Upton managed to become a police officer


Each of the members of the Chicago Police Department, especially those in the Intelligence unit, have interesting stories revealing the reasons why they became officers. However, the recent ninth season of Chicago P.D. has revealed how detective Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) managed to become a police officer.

During episode 13 of season 9 of Chicago PD, entitled “Still Water”, fans were able to learn part of the past of detective Hailey Upton, where a childhood trauma that she lived with her father and the help of a police officer, he helped her become a law enforcement officer.

In the episode we see how Upton tries to save two people who had fallen into a river after leaving the road. In her scenes, viewers see how she manages to save the unconscious driver, but the passenger who had taken her by the hand drowns from her. It is later revealed that the driver was actually a stalker who was keeping the passenger trapped against her will, which was a blow to the detective for the wrong decision she made in saving a person. .

Interestingly, while Upton dwells on her unfortunate decision, Sergeant Trudy Platt (played by Amy Morton), explains her own regrets that have to do with the past of the detective and her father. She tells Upton the truth about the day Upton’s father’s restaurant was robbed when she was only 12 years old.

According to Platt, the robber robbed two other places and Platt responded to the second robbery, due to her being the head of the robbery-homicide department. When she arrives at the event fight, which was Upton’s dad’s restaurant, she begins to explain to him what really happened that fateful day.

“The owner had been hit, but he was talking to me,” Platt said.

“He was lucid and he told me to go after the criminal. So I did. And I lost it after about four blocks. Then I went back to the restaurant and the owner was no longer breathing. He died after I left due to internal injuries.”

Detective Upton is shocked by what Platt revealed to her, telling him: “You didn’t tell me that”, “I didn’t know that”. This is where her superior gives her one of the biggest pieces of advice on the show, you can be the best cop in the world, but you can’t control the laws of nature. They will fail you whenever they want.

Due to these facts, Platt decided to take care of young Upton for a while, while the restaurant case was solved. However, this greatly helped Upton make the decision to become a police officer after the death of her father and the protection provided by Sergeant Trudy Platt.