Chicago P.D. Season 9: Tracy Spiridakos talks about a dangerous scene she filmed


The popular police series of the NBC television network, Chicago P.D., is preparing for the return of its season 9 this February 23. But, a recent video of Detective Hailey Upton actress Tracy Spiridakos has shocked all fans of the show by the way she exposed herself to danger for the upcoming episode of the drama.

In episode 13 “Still Water” of season 9 Chicago P.D. Detective Hailey Upton will be seen on the run when she witnesses a horrific car accident near the lake, and she risks her own life to save the passengers by jumping into the freezing water to search for the occupants. However, the actress has revealed in an interview how difficult and dangerous it was to film these scenes.

“I feel like everyone in the unit would probably have a similar response to participate honestly,” says Spiridakos.

According to the trailer and the photos that have been revealed that you can see here in this note, it is night, and the city of Chicago is known for its low temperatures late at night, which made the production very dangerous for the members of the production and actors who participated in it, but at the same time they made the episode a great experience full of emotion.

“It was definitely intense,” says Spiridakos.

“The one who jumped into the river, the truth, was not me. It was my stunt double Kelli [Victoria Scarangello] who stepped in, and it’s amazing.”

However, the actress assured that she was not the one who jumped in the scene seen in the video, but then she had to enter the icy water to film the following scenes, confirming that there were several different sequences in order to achieve the best scene for this amazing episode. In her interview that was published by the production company Wolf Entertainment, actress Tracy Spiridakos is seen excited and proud of the dangerous scenes.

“There’s a couple of different water sequences: There’s the entrance to the river, there’s the sinkhole, which is the tank that we shot when we were in Los Angeles, [and] there was another part of the pond where we came out of the river.”

Interestingly, there is much more to the car accident than Upton originally knows, and the Intelligence team must track down the man responsible, where it is revealed that there is a dark story behind everything that is to come in the next episodes of Chicago P.D.

“We found out a little bit more about the victims in the car and it takes the whole team to get together and try to figure out how the accident happened,” Spiridakos anticipates.

After nearly a month off for the Winter Olympics, Chicago P.D. will return on the NBC television network this February 23 with its 13th episode of season 9, which Spiridakos has assured will be an incredible episode and that it will have great network surprises for the next stories.