Chicago P.D Season 9: The Breakup Nobody Expected in Episode 10 Trailer


Chicago P.D. returned to fan screens this Wednesday, January 5, with the 10th episode of season 9 on NBC, after the winter hiatus. The NBC police drama came with bad news for followers of Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek, as revealed in the promotional trailer before the premiere. (Episode 10 spoilers)

There is no denying that Chicago P.D. They were eager to see the arrival of the second half of season 9 of the police drama, to find out what awaited the complicated sentimental relationship between BUrgess and Ruzek, who had an on-and-off romance for a long time and then became the adoptive parents of Makayla.

Fans of the NBC series, were hopeful that the situation between both characters would be resolved with the arrival of new episodes of season 9, but from what the trailer revealed before the premiere and after the broadcast, things seem that they are not going in that direction. On the show, Burgess is determined to have a relationship other than Ruzek.

As shown in the promotional trailer for the tenth episode of the ninth installment of Chicago P.D., Burguess advises Ruzek to seek out another woman and follow his life forward. Fans have seen them very close so far in season 9, but officially there is nothing between them and now she wants him to get away from Makayla.

“I think it would be better if we had more limits with Makayla. I’m just being realistic.” Burgess says to Ruzek. “We’re not dating. You might meet someone.”

Trialer from episode 10 of season 9 of Chicago P.D.

With Makayla growing up and Ruzek taking care of the little girl as part of her family while Burgess was in the hospital during the start of season 9 of Chicago P.D. this could be the factor that is leading her to make this decision to separate him from both of her, apparently to protect her, she says in the promotion.

The actress who plays Burgess in Chicago P.D., Marina Squerciati, previously mentioned that she wants a new romance for her character, but not with Ruzek, she revealed in an interview. While the fans wanted everything between them to be resolved, things don’t seem to be going that way. This the actress told TVLine:

“I would like someone else to come, that one of them gets jealous and realizes what he is missing.”