Chicago P.D. Season 9: Stars of Burgess and Ruzek talk about possible separation


With the premiere of Chicago P.D. Season 9 Episode 15 titled “Gone,” viewers were treated to a shocking story featuring many viewers’ favorite couple, Kim Burgess (played by Marina Squerciati) and Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger). Where her little daughter Makayla had been kidnapped and both had different thoughts to get her back, which is taking their relationship to the limit. This is what the actors have assured Spoiler alert!

The pair, who are also referred to by fans as “Burzek,” were very much a united front at first, but began to fall apart as the odds got worse and worse, culminating in a huge feud that according to the stars’ comments Marina Squerciati and Patrick John Flueger, might not be forgotten, even if they get Makayla back.

In episode 15 Burgess and Ruzek shared the same goal, but had very different approaches to trying to get Makayla back. Ruzek was desperate and full of revenge knocking down the doors of all the criminals in the city, while his partner Burgess was willing to pay the ransom that the kidnappers were demanding in order to see little Makayla again. However, as members of the law they must also try to capture the culprits, which turned into various confrontations between the two.

The growing tension came to a head when Ruzek chased one of the kidnappers against the original plan to follow him, eventually having to shoot him. The kidnapper’s death caused the only lead they had to be lost, and the fight the pair had turned out to be possibly the ugliest in Burzek’s long history together. Hinting that they could meet their end once their daughter recovered.

However, during an interview with Squerciati and Flueger, they revealed what awaits their characters and what they both want to say in these tense moments of the last episodes of season 9 of Chicago P.D. But, this is what Squerciati said:

“I don’t think this is the time that they would want to be anything other than their true selves. For example, there are always things about your partner that you don’t like or that you complain about to your girlfriends or friends. But you keep it to yourself. [laughs] And [no] that you don’t love them, you’re like, ‘Okay, I’m going to have to deal with chewing with my mouth open.’ It’s alright, it’s alright. And I think this was a moment where everything was exposed with dire consequences. I don’t know if they can come back from that.”

While Patrick John Flueger shared his own perspective on the fight between Burgess and Ruzek, and where both characters came from when they clashed. Because it wasn’t long after Burgess got her foot on Makayla because she’s legally her daughter, not Ruzek’s. Fluger said:

“I’ve seen that scene a couple of times, and I hate having to yell at him. But I think it makes sense that I yelled at him, and I think it makes sense that, out of the moment, I hate that I yelled at him. I mean, like, how could you not? How could you not drive crazy at that moment the person who loves them the most, who loves you the most? You know, it’s all over at that point.”

Unfortunately, once the fight was over and they managed to rescue her daughter, they both supported Makayla in the end, but Ruzek didn’t exactly seem happy with the whole situation and all the things that were said. Which means that for the next episodes we could see a sad separation.