Chicago P.D. Season 9: NBC reveals an explosion in the final episode of the drama


Chicago P.D. is a fan-favorite police drama that over the years has sunk into the hearts of millions of viewers who season after season follow the intelligence unit team led by tough-as-nails Sergeant Hank Voight as They do their best to fight crime on the dangerous streets of Chicago.

The successful series, which premiered in 2014, owes its enormous popularity not only to the fascinating stories full of action, romance and death, but also to the quality of interpretation of each of its characters, whose arcs keep viewers hooked as they interact with each other. work and daily life.

The police and crime drama from the NBC broadcast network premiered its season 9 at the end of September last year and is now heading towards the conclusion of this part of the story, with a final episode scheduled to air next Wednesday, September 25. May through the network.

The final episode of season 9 of Chicago P.D., will arrive with a bang as the intelligence unit tries to catch the man who has done so much damage, Javier Escano. Fans should prepare for a powerful ending, in which Hank Voight is once again going up against a really dangerous drug dealer.

Fans of Chicago P.D. are used to seeing members of the intelligence unit dealing with these types of criminals in the past. However, it looks like things are a little different this time around, so he’ll be pushing some of the police drama’s characters to their limits.

According to the official synopsis for episode 22 of season 9 of Chicago P.D. shared by NBC, titled “You and Me,” which will air in its regular 10:00 p.m. m., reveals that after an explosion rocks the case, the intelligence unit team struggles to finally defeat Javier Escano, as everyone nears their breaking point.

The question that should be asked here is whether Hank Voight will be able to defeat Capo Escano. You really have to be prepared for anything in Chicago P.D. since this is a program that usually surprises viewers, especially at the end of the season. With this, the ground will be prepared for the events of the tenth installment that will be released in the fall of 2022.