Chicago P.D. season 10: Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek take the next step in their relationship


Chicago P.D. the hit police drama that follows the lives of members of Hank Voight’s intelligence unit, which airs on NBC on Mondays every week, is currently heading toward the end of its season storyline 9 that began in September 2021 and is scheduled to end in the last days of May. (Spoilers for episode 20)

Chicago P.D. fans They have been witnesses throughout the nine seasons that the drama has to its credit, of the complicated sentimental situation of Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess. From an abortion, through an assassination attempt at the end of the eighth installment and lately the kidnapping of Makayla in one of the recent episodes, they are part of the drama that the couple has had to live while their relationship deteriorates.

Just like season 9 of Chicago P.D. has shown, Kim Burgess feels that she wants to be alone with her adopted daughter. She has told Ruzek to leave, but thinking of Makayla’s sake, he believes that it is best to be close to her, even if it is sleeping on a sofa. The emotional distance between the parents could further affect the girl who has been through so much.

After Makayla’s kidnapping in Chicago P.D., things got more intense for Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess; however, the 20th episode aired this week could have given a sign that things will improve regarding their romance, which has deteriorated due to constant breakups in the past.

In episode 19, Ruzek goes undercover to track down a drug dealer, renting an old apartment as a result. In the end, he ends up abandoning his plans to stay with Burgess and Makayla full time and decides to stay in the new residence. Despite being estranged, Chicago P.D. Season 9 Episode 20. hints that the exes will get back together.

Burgess tells Ruzek early in the episode that he still plans to rent the three-bedroom apartment they saw. But, in the end, Ruzek has a better idea. He wants to buy his father’s house and give it to Makayla and Burgess to live in. With this, he believes that the change of environment could bring well-being to Makayla after her kidnapping. And while Ruzek has no plans to move in with them, things could take a turn for the relationship.

Yes in Chicago P.D. Ruzek arrives to buy the house for Burgess and Makayla, it is likely that he will move in with them so that the romance is reborn once and for all. Ruzek actor Patrick John Flueger is also hopeful that the characters will team up.

“Will they? Won’t they? Well, they will, but they won’t do it the way you think they will,” Flueger told Us Weekly. “I think at the end of the day, they’ll end up together, but I don’t think it’s an easy road to get there.”