Chicago P.D.: Marina Squerciati reveals the only episode of the drama that made her cry


Since the release of the first episode of Chicago P.D. in 2014, the show has miraculously managed to keep much of its original cast in place, with actors like Jason Beghe, Jesse Lee Sofer, Amy Morton, Laroyce Hawkins, and Patrick John Fluger appearing in all, if not all, of the episodes. of the drama. However, Marina Squerciati, who has also been there since the first season, has revealed the episode that has caused the most impact on her.

Marina Squerciati is in charge of interpreting Detective Kim Burgess in more than 180 episodes of Chicago P.D. Until now. During that period of time, the star’s character has seen as many narrative ups and downs as any member of Chicago’s 21st Precinct Intelligence Unit. But, many of these heartbreaking moments have brought tears to the drama’s cast members, Squerciati said.

According to Squerciati, the only episode of Chicago P.D. That She Has Made Her Cry is the fifth season finale of the police drama. This is because it marked the final appearance of the original cast member, Elias Koteas. The beloved actor, of course, played IU’s fan-favorite Detective Alvin Olinsky for the first five seasons, after being framed for a murder committed by his big boss, Hank Voight (Jason Beghe).

In fact, during an interview for the show with Marina Squerciati alongside actor Patrick John Fluger, Squerciati admitted that she had shed a few tears off-screen while watching the final episode of the fifth season of Chicago P.D. Check out the video of the interview below.

As it is, Squerciati’s tears probably had a lot to do with the episode that marked the last time she was with her longtime co-star, Elias Koteas. Who hasn’t been seen in any episodes since either in flashback or ghost form to haunt her friend Lt. Hank Voight.

Curiously, at the time of this interview, Squerciati had not filmed the scenes of the eighth and ninth seasons of Chicago PD, in which her character was kidnapped by a terrible criminal who shot her several times, leaving her almost dead due to the great amount of blood lost. However, she managed to be rescued by her companions in the last moments.