Chicago P.D: LaRoyce Hawkins Revealed Atwater’s Future and Other Behind-the-Scenes Facts


Chicago P.D is not only a great employment opportunity for Kevin Atwater performer LaRoyce Hawkins, but also a way for him to serve the community he lovingly calls home. Because he grew up outside of Chicago, this actor is able to bring authenticity to his character in this NBC drama.

As we all know, Chicago P.D. airs on Wednesday nights, and the LaRoyce Hawkins pro brings to life Atwater, a dedicated cop who wants both to serve his community and change the system from within. Thanks to his good development, this character is able to catch criminals week after week, in addition to dealing with his interpersonal relationships.

One of the things LaRoyce Hawkins and Kevin Atwater have in common is that they were both born and raised in Harvey, Illinois. This is why LaRoyce is so familiar with how to navigate the city based on his upbringing in a city like Harvey.

“In my mind, about where Atwater lives, he really lives in my heart most of the time. It helps me connection-wise, and that could be the connection that our fans feel as well.”

Also, one of the reasons why he chose to play this policeman was also to inspire others to do good. His basketball coach, for example, was an active police officer. In this interview, LaRoyce Hawkins of Chicago P.D. recalled that this coach always raised them with integrity and character.

“I’m having more fun than ever because I’m finding new ways to layer these stories that give us that real connection.”

In the interview, LaRoyce Hawkins also mentioned his co-stars, such as Jason Beghes, Patty Fluegers and Marina Squerciatis. He stressed that this cast not only supports each other as co-workers, but also as a family. Hawkins also noted that these colleagues have also helped him throughout his work.

After mentioning his colleagues, he emphasized Jason Beghes, who plays Sergeant Hank Voight, he stressed that off camera, the actor is the opposite, he completely loves the work that everyone does at Chicago PD, which is why Hawkins he claimed to love him like an older brother, as he has taught him a lot.

LaRoyce Hawkins states that he sees the future of Atwater protecting and serving at a high level, which is why he has also been seen investing his energy and resources in real estate, so that he can still offer service and protection to the community.