Chicago P.D.: Kevin Atwater’s actor’s favorite scene in the police drama


Since the first season of Chicago P.D., viewers have enjoyed hundreds of stories from the cast members with their characteristic characters. However, the cast members also have their favorite scenes and some of them like the actor who plays Kevin Atwater, LaRoyce Hawkins, have revealed which one they like the most from the police drama.

Officer Kevin Atwater is a police officer from the Chicago Police Department, at the beginning of the program he worked in conjunction with officer Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) patrolling the streets and supporting the Intelligence team. However, little by little they were demonstrating his bravery and skills, resulting in the leader of Intelligence, Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) inviting them to join.

Kevin Atwater has had opportunities to show off all his skills, kicking down doors and rescuing people from precarious situations. But despite everything fans have seen of the character, the actor who plays him, LaRoyce Hawkins, has one scene in particular that he calls his favorite.

During the interview with the cast members of the One Chicago universe, at the Chi-Hard event, LaRoyce Hawkins was talking about his favorite scene in Chicago P.D., choosing a moment that has nothing to do with the chase or investigation, but something very simple for him that happened in season 9 of the drama.

According to LaRoyce Hawkins, his favorite episode is in episode 5 of season 9 of Chicago P.D., titled “Burnside”. Where Kevin Atwater goes undercover to attempt a ring of illegal arms dealers in the city. But, in the process he ends up falling in love with a woman named Celeste Nichols (played by Amanda Payton).

Sadly, the relationship doesn’t last long, Kevin Atwater refuses to tell her that he works as a police officer after learning that she doesn’t have an enthusiastic view of the police system, and when he finally comes clean they break up because she didn’t like that I will hide that information from you.

However, in the final moments of the episode between the two characters, Celeste felt too betrayed, especially when she found out that Kevin Atwater was actually an undercover cop, which led her to think that all this time he was using her to find criminals who were trafficking weapons. Although the show leaves the door open for her to come back for season 10 of Chicago P.D., viewers are hoping that the official will finally meet her love in the drama.