Chicago P.D.: Kevin Atwater actor opens up about possible romance with Kim Burgess


The 11th episode of the ninth season of Chicago PD delved into the life of Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins), since as we will remember, the previous episode saw Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Adam Ruzek questioning their position with each other. , which could hint that in the not too distant future these two characters could have a romance.

As we well know, these two characters have a long history, and without a doubt, their relationship became more complicated in the tenth episode of this ninth season of Chicago P.D. Although the relationship of these two has not yet been officially given, Ruzek made it clear that he wants to remain a part of Burgess’s life and his daughter, Makayla.

In the previous episode, they both decided that they should live together, and thus, we saw them making plans to move into a three-bedroom apartment during the episode. However, these plans could be interrupted, since Makayla’s paternal uncle filed a petition for full custody.

The chances of romance between these two are very high, especially since they have a very good working relationship. LaRoyce Hawkins recently also spoke about the romance between his and Burgess’s character, and even he hints that something may exist between these two in the not too distant future:

“We’re definitely going to see moments where Atwater and Burgess are there for each other”… “We’re going to see moments where she’s able to communicate things to him that no one else would, that will challenge him and his character, and Atwater will have the same opportunity in the future.”

The surprising thing is that, according to the actor, his partner, Marina Squerciati, and their conversations are very similar to those of their characters, since both are also parents and for the actor it is “interesting” to see where these behind-the-scenes talks lead them. .

For her part, Marina Squerciati also agrees that her character goes out with other people, since after everything she has had to live, she feels that she deserves a little happiness next to someone.

“I would like someone else to come, for one of them to get jealous and realize what he is missing.”

That said, Squerciati also acknowledged how Ruzek is “growing up” and doing more for Makayla and Burgess, so there’s certainly a chance they’ll rekindle the old flame, especially if they’re living in a new place together.