Chicago P.D.: Jesse Lee Soffer confessed his sacrifices to play Jay Halstead


One of the cast members who has been part of the Chicago P.D. team for years has undoubtedly been veteran Jesse Lee Soffer, his first appearance was in September 2013, as police officer Jay Halstead. Until then, this character has become one of the favorites of the NBC public.

The character of Jesse Lee Soffer has appeared in more than 180 episodes of Chicago PD, and in some crossover episodes with Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. In addition to being an actor, the veteran is passionate about athletics, he likes to do as many stunts as he can. production allows.

In one of his interviews, he confessed that the Chicago PD production allowed him to use live shotgun ammunition to shoot off a door hinge, and said he would go as far as flipping a car in a chase sequence if the NBC producers and Chicago PD will drop it.

While it’s true that this Chicago universe is action-packed, not even Jesse Lee Soffer himself could deny that minor injuries to cast members and stuntmen are not uncommon. However, the interpreter of Jay Halstead has managed to cope with things because of his strict physical exercise regimen to look like an experienced police officer.

Jesse Lee Soffer Workout Routine

In one of his recent interviews, Jesse Lee Soffer confessed that he exercises by lifting weights at his favorite gym, which he visits about three times every week. Among the tricks he has for showing off a toned body, he revealed that he deadlifts, squats and pushes a weighted sled at the end of each workout, using what he calls a “5/10/15 program”: completing five repetitions of an exercise at a heavy weight, 10 repetitions with a medium weight and 15 with a lighter weight.