Chicago P.D.: Actress Tracy Spiridakos prepares to achieve a major milestone


Ever since actress Tracy Spiridakos arrived at Chicago PD in 2017, fans have been wowed by her incredible acting and skills. Now that she is participating in the ninth season of the police drama, the star is preparing to achieve an important milestone for the series and her career.

Spiridakos plays detective Hailey Upton from the fourth season of Chicago P.D. She initially joined the team at the 21st Precinct CPD headquarters as a member of the Robbery-Homicide unit. However, her great abilities led her to obtain a promotion as a detective for the Intelligence unit led by Lieutenant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe).

Early in Ella’s arrival Upton teamed up with Intelligence Unit veteran Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) as she got her bearings and learned the ropes as a member of the department’s highly trained squad. Gaining experience in the team’s techniques, she would play a pivotal role in the unfolding exploits and occasional ethical lapses of her fellow IU officers over the next five seasons.

The first time Tracy Spiridakos appeared on Chicago P.D. happened in episode 21 of season 4, immediately becoming a favorite of the show. She in addition to opening the doors for a new relationship with detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer), something that is happening in the ninth installment of the drama.

However, after 5 seasons of Spiridakos’ participation, the star is preparing for an important milestone, which will take place starting this March 16 with the 16th episode of season 9 entitled “Closer”. This episode marks the star’s 99th appearance on Chicago P.D. Which means that for the 17th episode of the 9th installment, Tracy Spiridakos will celebrate her 100th episode on the show.

It is certainly an incredible milestone for an actor to participate in any long-running program, considered a feat for great acting. However, according to fan rumors, perhaps a surprise is being prepared for the actress’s 100th episode, because in recent episodes her character has been getting some incredible stories that have to do with her position. like police.

We remember that during episode 13 “Still Water”, Upton witnessed a horrible car accident near the lake, which motivated her to risk her own life to save the passengers, jumping into the icy water to search for the occupants. But, she only manages to save one of them, only to later reveal that the person she saved was a criminal who was stalking the woman in the vehicle.