Chicago P.D.: Actor Jesse Lee Soffer talks about the stunts he’s done


Like any police drama, Chicago P.D. it is also full of great moments of action and gunfights. Where cast members must chase criminals escaping from justice, doing stunts and jumps through the streets of the city of Chicago. But, according to an interview with actor Jesse Lee Soffer, not all the actors do the scenes, while he usually does only a few.

Unlike the drama from the same universe, Chicago Fire, the cast members have the opportunity to be trained in each season of the show. In fact, the real Chicago Fire Department does it, to make sure that they can operate the personal protective equipment correctly when it comes time to do the scenes.

As for Chicago P.D., it stands to reason that they aren’t always putting out fires all day like their sister show, but the show’s characters are up against criminals who own guns. In addition, they must chase the thieves through the different streets of the city by jumping over all the walls and fences of the city.

According to the star who plays detective Jay Halstead, Jesse Lee Soffer, the set of Chicago P.D. he’s no stranger to cast injuries. In fact, he assured that he sometimes does the dangerous scenes of the show himself, as long as the members of the production and the specialists of that arc allow it.

“I’d do pretty much anything as long as they let me,”

“If someone said, ‘We’re doing a car chase, you’re going to flip a car,’ I would do it. But there’s no way we’re actually going to do it, so it’s up to the network and the producers as far as safety goes.” .

In his DuJour interview, Jesse Lee Soffer claimed that he was once allowed to shoot with live ammunition, during a scene where his character shoots a door with a shotgun. Although the star clarified that at that time he was accompanied by a real SWAT team, and that he trusted his ability to stop firing the weapon correctly.

Interestingly, many of the viewers who usually see the scenes of the various cast members in action find it more believable to see the stars themselves in them. Something that is usually dangerous, but increases the popularity of every show that requires a basic or difficult action scene.

However, it’s always best to work safely on each of Chicago P.D.’s stunts, so it’s best to leave that work to the stuntmen who are specialists in performing them, in order to keep the stars safe.