Chicago P.D. 8×8: Atwater and Ruzek arrest a police officer


Chicago P.D.’s 8th season continued to address topics of great social relevance. This time, a video started circulating on the internet showing the murder of a black college student by a white police officer. With that, Ruzek and Atwater are responsible for dealing with the police. See the full recap below.

Warning: the following text contains spoilers!

More details of the Chicago P.D.

Once again, the series drew very close parallels with reality. A video on the internet reaches the police and shows Jeff, a black student, being stopped by the police for being above the permitted speed limit. He made no dangerous move and cooperated with the guards, as three witnesses proved. Still, Officer Dave Whelan shot him.

Ruzek and Atwater go to the policeman’s house to arrest him for murder. There, they discover that the video has already started to go viral over the internet and many people are on the spot also looking for Wheelan. His wife lets the two in and the policeman is arrested right there. However, for their safety, they need to hide so that citizens outside do not hurt him.

Upon reaching a safe place, Ruzek tries to calm Atwater, but Wheelan is not helping. After all, he goes on to claim that shooting the student was the right thing because his life was in danger. However, as the two know well, the images of the “accident” prove that this is far from being true.

Atwater hears a noise outside and several shots begin to fire. In a hurry, the trio manages to reach the SUV, but are met with gunshots again. Then, Ruzek calls Voight to explain the members of the Chicago P.D. start looking for the sniper.

One of the highlights of this Chicago P.D. plot was the fact that, although the series shows Wheelan as wrong, his arguments are also close to what happens in real life. According to the character, it was years of seeing crimes being committed and, therefore, he reacts to the slightest sign of danger. This is one of the reasons why Atwater is so uncomfortable. He is well aware that this type of excuse is very common among police officers and does not agree with the position.

When Atwater finally shows the images from the camera to Wheelan, the officer insists that the images have been altered. It still takes a while for him to finally assume he murdered the student.

Upon arriving at the police station, they are given Voight’s permission to leave after two of the snipers were found. However, shortly after admitting to murdering the young man, Wheelan is shot several times by a mysterious third sniper and dies on the scene.

Later, Atwater, Ruzek and Voight go to a bar. Although the two feel guilty for not being able to save Wheelan’s life, Voight insists that they did a good job of handling the case.

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