Chicago Med: Why NBC Decided To Cut Norma Kuhling’s Character From The Drama


Chicago Med is one of the most successful medical dramas on television. It is the second spin-off series in the One Chicago franchise and airs every week on Wednesdays on the NBC broadcast network. The series arrived at its 7th season on September 22 last year, and is now heading towards the end of this part of its history with an episode scheduled to appear on screen on May 25.

The successful series, since it premiered in 2015, has received praise from critics and the immense support of legions of fans who, season after season, follow the team made up of doctors and nurses who work in the emergency room at Gaffney Chicago. Medical Center.

Eventually, Chicago Med’s stories intersect during special events with its sister dramas Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. making his engaging narrative a delight for viewers. Its success is due not only to the fascinating stories that involve health professionals as they try to save lives, but also to the excellent performance of each of its characters.

Throughout the seven seasons that Chicago Med has to its credit, there are many characters that have passed through the hospital hooking fans with their stories. Many of them have left, leaving a void in the hearts of viewers, who over time have become accustomed to seeing them.

While the end of season 7 of Chicago Med is getting closer, it is common for the audience to feel worried since with each conclusion the departure time usually comes for any of the characters, either by their own decision to continue their career. and his life in another hospital or simply because he came face to face with death, as happened with Ava Bekker (Norma Kuhling) at the beginning of the fifth installment.

Norma Kuhling came to Chicago Med during season 2 episode 23 to play Dr. Ava Bekker. She first appeared as a rival and later became the love interest of Dr. Connor Rhodes. Then, she started to become unstable and started sleeping with her boyfriend’s father to get financing. Something that she kept hidden for a while, but then everything came to light.

In the NBC series, Ava Bekker gave Dr. Connor’s father an overdose of synthetic insulin, causing his death. In a very dramatic way, after confessing to her old boyfriend that she killed her father, she took a scalpel and slit her throat. A tragedy that caused a huge impact on the Chicago Med audience. Norma Kuhling’s departure occurred for creative reasons in the show’s production, which paved the way for Connor Rhodes’ departure in the same episode.