Chicago Med: What the cancellation of Yaya DaCosta’s new drama means for the series


Chicago Med, one of television’s most successful dramas that is part of the One Chicago franchise, is wrapping up the story of season 7 on the NBC broadcast network, with a finale scheduled to air on Wednesday, March 25. May, while the penultimate episode will air next week.

Season 7 of Chicago Med premiered in late September 2021. The premiere came with the absence of nurse April Sexton, a character who was played by Yaya DaCosta since the show’s first installment. Her departure occurred at the end of the previous season, after having complicated love relationships, including Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee).

Yaya DaCosta’s departure from Chicago Med after 6 seasons playing her character left fans shocked as they did not expect her to leave her romantic plot with Dr. Choi unfinished. At that time, the viewers expressed their dissatisfaction saying that the story between the two characters was not closed and that therefore, April Sexton should return at any time in season 7.

It’s important to remember that on Chicago Med, April Sexton and Ethan Choi had an on-and-off romantic relationship over the years. However, they went on to become a fan favorite couple. But, the character left the hospital to go after a goal, while her love interest was left heartbroken.

Since then, April Sexton has not been seen returning to resolve her situation with Ethan Choi in Chicago Med. Yaya DaCosta does not recognize that there are many loose ends between the two characters in the medical drama, and that is why she could not resist the story. from Our Kind of People, the series he began starring for Fox last year.

It turns out that amid the spate of recent cancellations, the Fox series that Yaya DaCosta had been starring in since last year was listed as one of the shows not returning for an upcoming season. In this sense, many will be wondering what it means that the actress has been left off screen now that Our Kind of People will not be back with more stories, and if there is a possibility that she will reprise her role as April Sexton for a proper closure in Chicago Med.

Without a doubt, this would be DaCosta’s opportunity to return to Chicago Med and bring the romance between April Sexton and Dr. Ethan Choi to a close. So far, the former actress from the NBC medical drama has not confirmed if she will be back, but surely the production will keep the door open in the hope that DaCosta will return and be able to finish that part of the story if the writers actually take the lead. decision.