Chicago Med: This is the role Nick Gehlfuss wants to play in Chicago P.D.


Chicago Med, the NBC broadcast network’s doctor and nurse show that airs weekly on Wednesdays, is currently on the air for its seventh season bringing the best of television drama to fans’ screens. And something that viewers should be sure of is that there will be a crossover with Chicago P.D. soon.

One Chicago is a successful franchise created by Dick Wolf, and eventually the three series that make it up intersect with each other, making their stories more and more interesting. Seeing the characters of each drama sharing the same scenes is undoubtedly a fundamental element for the permanence of the programs over time.

In the current seasons, fans have seen some characters cross over. Recently, Kevin Atwater of Chicago P.D. appeared in one of the episodes of Chicago Fire in early December. Now, this week it was announced that the next crossover will lead the Halstead brothers, Will and Jay, in a new special event that does not have a release date at the moment.

Fans are eagerly waiting to see Chicago detective P.D. reunite again. Jay, and Chicago Med physician Will. And meanwhile, medical drama actor Nick Gehlfuss recently stated that he would like to play another role in the One Chicago franchise, such as an undercover cop.

The actor who plays Will Halstead in Chicago Med, during a question and answer session on the series’ official Instagram account, when asked by a fan what he would like to play, the star of the franchise responded by saying that he would love to star with a role in Chicago Fire or Chicago PD

It actually wouldn’t be surprising to see Will as an undercover cop in Chicago P.D. In a recent season, fans of Chicago Med saw Gehlfuss’ character go undercover for Goodwin inside the same hospital. However, it only remains to wait for the next crossover to see what the writers of the drama prepared for the Healstead brothers.