Chicago Med Season 7: The 2 Drama Characters Who Could Lose Their Jobs


Chicago Med premiered season 7 at the end of last September through the NBC broadcast network. And while the medical drama continues to air on Wednesdays of each week with new episodes, it closes this part of the story involving the relationship of two characters in a family affair. Things will not go well for them, which means they could end up losing not only their jobs, but their careers as well.

With season 7 of Chicago Med, fans of the hit medical drama saw the return of Asjha Cooper reprising her character Vanessa Taylor. Fans of the series know that she is the biological daughter of Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) who she gave up for adoption many years ago. Although they get along while working at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, some complications have arisen around her.

In Chicago Med season 7 episode 19 that aired last week, Maggie and Vanessa’s relationship is apparently on the up and up. However, in the three remaining episodes of this installment, as a result of having previously revealed the family bond that unites them, things will not be easy when the high officials begin to question the alleged favoritism with which Vanessa entered the hospital. .

But, there is another detail that could make the bomb explode in Chicago Med. In the final episodes of the seventh installment, there will be a lot of drama in the mother-daughter relationship. Although Maggie is happy that Vanessa has revealed to the rest of her co-workers that she is her biological mother, the showrunner of the medical drama, Andrew Schneider, assured TV Insider that not everything will be rosy. .

The Chicago Med producer said that when Maggie went looking for Vanessa, she ended up lighting a fuse, and she has no idea things will get complicated in the storylines to come with the NBC drama season 7 finale. It’s important to remember, that earlier in this installment Vanessa was taking Adderall, with the purpose of helping her with her grueling work and school schedule, but had it not been for her mother’s help, a drug test nearly exposed her. and threatening his job.

At Chicago Med, Maggie helped Vanessa pass the test. If this were to come to light, coupled with the managers’ suspicions about the favoritism with which Cooper’s character supposedly went to work at the hospital, it could be a double jeopardy since both would be losing not only their jobs at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, but also their careers.