Chicago Med: Confirmed the return of this character with season 8 of the drama


Chicago Med, the hit medical drama that airs every week on Wednesdays on the NBC broadcast network, is currently on a short hiatus and is therefore scheduled to return in early April with the 17th episode of the season. 7. Last year, NBC renewed the series for its eighth installment and now fans couldn’t be more excited to find out who will be back.

While it’s been over a year since fans learned that Chicago Med would be back on screen in the future, the ratings the medical drama has managed to garner could back up NBC’s decision. Of the three dramas that make up the One Chicago franchise, it is the series that follows the doctors and nurses in the ER at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center that comes in at number one.

Surely the fan favorites will be back with season 8 of Chicago Med, which should premiere in the fall of 2022. And although so far it is not known who or who of the cast will be getting ready to reprise their roles, one of the actors from the NBC series is confirmed, Deadline reported on Wednesday.

A report from Deadline claims that actor Steven Weber has signed a new deal to return to medical drama as Dr. Dean Archer. He previously had a one-year deal to stay on for season 7, but is now securing his character’s spot at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center for the eighth installment of the NBC series.

Since he arrived at Chicago Med, Dr. Archer is one of the most controversial doctors in the hospital due to his rigid ideas and his constant confrontations with the rest of the colleagues and other staff, including patients. The last time fans saw Weber’s character, he was welcoming back Dr. Hannah Asher now that she will be given a chance at gynecological ER after her recovery while she was battling drug addiction. .

It was really a surprise to once again introduce Jessy Schram as Dr. Archer, who first appeared in the fifth installment of Chicago Med and then left with season 6. At this time, it is unknown how long this character will be included. in the history of the drama or if he will stay for season 8.