Chicago Fire: Which interpreters said goodbye to the series to never return


While NBC’s One Chicago has been making waves in the entertainment industry for years with its three star shows Chicago Fire, P.D. and Med, leading the series market, does not exclude it from some complaints from its fans regarding the surprise departures of the interpreters of characters that could contribute much more, of this group Chicago Fire occupies the first place.

1. Teri Reeves (Dr. Hallie Thomas)

Although the passage of the actress Teri Reeves as Dr. Hallie Thomas is one of the least mentioned in Chicago Fire, without a doubt that the presence of her character in the first season was very important for the beginning of the series and especially for Audiences will fall in love with her fiancé, Firehouse 51’s beloved firefighter, Matthew Casey played by Jesse Spencer. It was impossible not to feel empathy when the young woman is killed after receiving a fatal blow to the head during a fire. About the departure of the actress, it was only known that it was not due to conflicts with the production but to a creative decision that sought to impact the public with a tragic dramatic turn.

2. Lauren German (Leslie Shay)

Lauren German played Leslie Shay on the famous series Chicago Fire for 2 seasons, her departure from the firefighter drama is remembered as the first time fans mourned and were shocked by the disappearance of one of the public’s favorite firefighter squad members. . Shay was presented on screen as a fearless paramedic who developed a strong following in the LGBTQ community.

As you may remember, at the end of the second season of Chicago Fire, Shay was seriously injured during a building explosion caused by an arsonist. Fans were left waiting to learn the fate of the beloved character until the show’s third season premiere when what many feared was confirmed: Shay was dead and Lauren German would never return to Chicago Fire to reprise her role. The producers’ explanation of her was, once again, her intention to make a big impact rather than opting for a lesser-known character.

3. Steven R. McQueen (Jimmy Borelli)

In the fourth season of Chicago Fire, actor Steven R. McQueen, who had just participated in the popular series The Vampire Diaries, made his entrance as the paramedic and firefighter Jimmy Borrelli. His performance as a member of the Firehouse 51 team created great expectations, until the fifth season when, to the surprise of his fans, he suffered an accident after he disobeyed orders and tried to make a rescue that left him seriously injured. Again, the production was quick to clarify that his departure was not the product of any conflict but that his time in the program’s narrative came to an end.

4. Yuri Sardarov (Otis)

Without any discussion, one of the most devastating stories that the Chicago Fire has presented on screen occurred in the eighth season, with the death of the beloved Brian Zvonecek, better known by his companions in the 51st Battalion as Otis, played by the popular actor Yuri Sardarov. The exit of this character not only had emotional consequences for the fans, but also for the rest of the team, since it affected the story arc of the other cast members.

In a surprising dramatic twist, Otis is killed in a fire at a mattress factory. The highly experienced firefighter is badly injured with severe burns, to which he eventually succumbs while being treated at the hospital. His final scene with Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso), thus far is considered one of the most memorable moments in the long history of Chicago Fire.