Chicago Fire: the romance of Casey and Brett


Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas finally talked about the next steps in Casey and Brett’s romance and how the plot fits into Season 9. For the producer, “they need to talk, since they work together and cannot resolve the situation easily after everything that has been said”.

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In the last broadcast episode, the two finally advanced in the novel. That was a relief to the fans, since the whole atmosphere of “are we going to be together or not?” it had already started to get tiring. However, as not everything is flowers, they found themselves again in the subject that always haunted them: Gabby.

So Brett asked Casey what it would be like if his ex-wife came back. In turn, his response was simply, “I don’t know”. So Brett thanked him for his honesty and asked him to leave her alone.

However, the showrunner in the series does not deny that maintaining a conversation on Chicago Fire is always very difficult. “You never know when the sirens will sound and the conversation will be interrupted,” he said. But, to the fans’ happiness, he made it clear that a deeper conversation between the two will happen this season.

After everything that happened between the couple, we can only wait to see what the firefighters’ next steps will be. The new episode of Chicago Fire will be broadcast on Wednesday (6).

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