Chicago Fire: The return of Monica Raymund further and further for her new series


One of the favorite actresses of all Chicago Fire viewers is Monica Raymund, who played Ambulance 61 paramedic Gabriel Dawson. Her departure from her drama continues to be one of the most talked about topics among all fans of the show, which is why many hold out hope of seeing her again. However, her return is further and further away due to her new project as a director.

Actress Monica Raymund was a series regular before leaving Chicago Fire early in season 7, however, she returned in season 8 as a special guest for a beautiful, brief reunion with her ex-partner firefighter Matthew Casey ( Jess Spencer). Both were the favorite relationship of all the fans of the drama of the television network NBC.

Following her departure from Chicago Fire, Raymund moved on to a new television series called “Hightown,” a crime drama on Starz. However, she has added a new project to her professional life, although not in the acting category. Turns out Raymund took on a directing job for a big Disney+ project.

In March 2021, Disney gave the green light to a new series titled “National Treasure” or in its translation “National Treasure” which would be broadcast on Disney +, and which would be based on the film series of the same name. But, what would add a set of younger characters to catch not only the adults, but the whole family in general.

Now, more than a year since that initial announcement by Disney, it has been revealed that the company has hired another director for the show, Chicago Fire star Monica Raymund. In fact, the same actress confirmed the news on her official Instagram account in early April 2022, expressing thanks for the opportunity and the end of the filming of the episodes that corresponded to her.

“That’s the end of me on ‘National Treasure’! Many adventures on the way. And lots of great images to share. A pleasure to lead with this incredible team. Coming soon to Disney+.”

However, it’s unclear how many episodes of the upcoming Disney project Raymund directed. Whatever the number, fans keeping an eye on the actress’ every move can’t wait to see the work the Chicago Fire alumna has done for the new series “National Treasure.”

Despite how well Monica Raymund has been doing both as an actor and as a producer, fans remain sad as she gets further away from seeing her again in the drama that made her famous, Chicago Fire.