Chicago Fire: The real relationship between Kara Killmer and Monica Raymund behind the scenes


In Chicago Fire, Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) married Lieutenant Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer), however they eventually divorced when she moved to Puerto Rico. Since then, Casey began dating Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer), but their relationship began to decline after Matthew moved to Oregon.

Although these two characters have great differences on screen, the truth is that the actresses Monica Raymund and Kara Killmer seem to get along very well in real life. This has been shown on social media, where the two regularly share photos and posts.

On the one hand, Kara Killmer, has been shown as one of the most active actresses on Instagram, in one of her publications, she managed to share a photograph of this beloved Chicago Fire duo. The first photo of her with Monica Raymund was shared in September 2017, where they appeared standing in front of an ambulance making faces at the camera.

The next publication was later, and Miranda Rae Mayo, the actress who plays Stella Kidd in Chicago Fire, also joined her caption, making the following comment, showing that the friendship she feels for them is real:

“Here’s a photo from @joeminoso of my lovely ladies to [help] you through January. Both these strong, beautiful, compassionate, smart, hilarious women make it ALL worth it. I love you both.”

However, Kara Killmer has not only shown herself to be a fan of the Instagram social network, she has the same attachment to her official Twitter account, where she constantly updates her followers and precisely on said platform she also shared a photograph with Monica Raymond.

In said snapshot, you can see both women looking like real divas wearing sunglasses in front of the cameras. These are more than enough proofs that show the real friendship between these two veteran actresses of Chicago Fire.

These photos prove that over the years, NBC television’s firefighter drama Chicago Fire has managed to pull off an incredible main and supporting cast. In addition, it has also been shown that the work environment is quite good, since its actors, in addition to spending hours on set, also seem to enjoy their moments off camera.