Chicago Fire: The new role of Yuri Sardarov in the famous ABC police series


Chicago Fire is the most watched firefighter drama on television. Premiering in 2012 on the NBC broadcast network, the series has garnered critical acclaim over the years and immense support from millions of fans around the world. Currently, it remains on the air with its season 10 which is scheduled to end on May 25.

During its extensive screen career, the hit long-running drama created by Dick Wolf and which kicked off the One Chicago franchise, has featured a plethora of characters in its stories. Most of them fell by the wayside; and while some left due to their interpreters’ own decisions, others left the program for creative reasons, as happened with Otis, who was played by Yuri Sardarov from the first season until the beginning of the eighth installment of Chicago Fire.

On Chicago Fire, Otis was one of the most beloved firefighters not only by his co-workers in the 51st Battalion, but also by viewers of the show. An extraordinary character, who with his occurrences added an ingredient of humor to the tragedies to which the heroes of the fire station remain exposed.

Chicago Fire fans witnessed at the end of the seventh installment of the NBC drama when Otis was caught up in flames at a mattress factory while on duty for him. But it wasn’t until the dramatic start of Season 8, when Yuri Sardarov’s character succumbed to serious injuries in a scene that became one of the most memorable in the series’ history, causing a great impact on the audience.

Since that tragic moment, fans have not seen Yuri Sardarov on the screen again. After playing Otis between 2012 and 2019, the Chicago Fire actor disappeared from the television show until last week, when everyone was surprised by his return and immersed in a new role in the famous ABC police series, The Rookie.

Yuri Sardarov appeared after three years absent. In episodes 19 and 20 of season 4 of the hit series The Rookie, he guest-starred as a Russian criminal named Trevor Gurin, an impersonation that was crucial to the stories of the most recent installments of the procedural drama. The last time he was seen was in the May 2 episode titled “Enervo”, where he was directly involved in a series of bombings in different parts of the city.