Chicago Fire: The drama actor who always keeps a teddy bear in his coat


While the popular series Chicago Fire is showing shocking stories with its tenth season, fans have been surprised by the secret of one of the cast members, David Eigenberg. Because his co-star Christian Stolte revealed during an interview that the actor is wearing a teddy bear inside his coat.

Actor David Eigenberg stars as veteran firefighter and company officer Christopher Herrmann, becoming a fixture on the series since debuting in the show’s pilot episode in 2012. Since then, he has traveled with his team on the second shift of Engine 51 to put out the flames and rescue victims for over 200 episodes and counting. As well as making multiple cross-visits to Chicago PD and Chicago Med’s sister programs.

During that remarkable run on NBC’s hit, Eigenberg’s character has also proven himself to be a “serial entrepreneur,” eager to pursue any potentially profitable side job, and as such co-owns the show’s fictional Molly bar alongside his fellow Fire House 51 co-worker Mouch McHolland (played by Christian Stolte).

Although Eigenberg’s fearless firefighter personality is a given amount on the show, he’s also known to have a softer side when compassion or sensitivity is required, whether it’s comforting someone who just lost their home in a fire or pitying someone. his fellow firefighters at the station. However, during a video of a TVGuide interview, Christian Stolte revealed a secret about David Eigenberg which would also have to do with the personality of his character. Watch the video below activating the automatic translation.

Stolte claimed in the interview that Eigenberg is in fact the Chicago Fire actor who goes to work with a teddy bear hidden under his bunker coat. Although the reason why he wears the teddy bear in his coat was not revealed, fans began to talk about the personality of the actor and his character, assuring that they are very tender and characteristic things of him.

Of all the gear and protective gear these brave firefighters carry with them as they run into a burning building during an action scene from the show, perhaps the most surprising of all is that now fans will be forever watching the character’s outfit. Eigenberg to be able to see the hidden teddy bear.