Chicago Fire: Showrunner Responds to Charlie Barnett Comments, Hints at Return


During the early seasons of Chicago Fire, viewers were treated to actor Charlie Barnett’s performance as firefighter Peter Mills. Although his character had a very sad and curious exit, the star assured that he never understood the reason why it was done that way. In fact, in a recent interview the protagonist revealed that he missed the program, which is why the showrunner has responded.

The showrunner of Chicago Fire, Derek Haas, has referred to Barnett’s words the day after his interview, admitting that many of the cast members miss him on the film set, as he assured during an interview for the web Deadline :

“Of course we miss him. He was always a big part of our start. He couldn’t be a nicer guy. We’ve been rooting for his success ever since.”

In addition to Haas, the executive producer of the firefighter drama, Andrea Newman, also praised the former star of Chicago Fire, assuring that at the time his character was the eyes of the audience, which is why many of the viewers of the show miss him. so much.

“We walked into the firehouse with him, so it was a great introduction to this show. We love him.”

Interestingly, Haas himself added that Charlie Barnett could return to Chicago Fire as Peter Mills, if the writers prepare the right story to bring him back, because his character had a very difficult exit to find a reason for him to return. However, the showrunner did joke about what he finds himself doing at the restaurant he went to work for in his latest episode:

“We’re going to have to get Mills out of that North Carolina restaurant and ask him to bring some pastries. Yes, he can bring pastries. That’s a great idea,” Haas said.

Despite Barnett’s exit during the fourth season of Chicago Fire, he said that while it was difficult at the time to look past the disappointment of being written into his character, he is now grateful for the experience, because it helped him. to star in new projects such as the series Russian Doll, Tales of the City and Arrow.

With the current theme of Chicago Fire season 10, it is likely that we could see Peter Mills again on the show, due to the fact that several of the main characters have been leaving the drama, while others prepare for the unexpected return of him. .

It only remains to wait for the ideas that the Chicago Fire writers will show for its 11th season, where all the stories will be sought to have exciting moments, as has been shown in the most recent installment of the firefighter drama.