Chicago Fire: Severide and Stella’s intense conflict begins in episode 10 trailer


Chicago Fire, the firefighting action drama chronicling the lives of the heroes who come to life in Battalion 51, will return this week with season 10 episode 10 after the brief winter hiatus, featuring events that will ultimately define destiny. of one of the most important romantic relationships on the NBC network show. (Major spoilers for episode 10)

The successful series is scheduled to air episode 10 of the tenth installment on Wednesday, January 5. And fans can’t wait any longer to find out what’s going on between Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) after that pending conversation, after she left on her tour with the show. Girls on Fire and stopped communicating with her fiancé, did not answer her messages or take calls.

What both Chicago Fire characters go through is really a complicated situation. Stella Kidd practically quit her job and lost the opportunity she had been offered to command Truck 81, the vacant position left by Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) during the fifth episode of season 10 of the NBC drama.

Therefore, not only Severide wants to hear what Stella has to explain to him about her long absence and the unwillingness to take her calls, but also the fans of the show themselves, who are desperate to know what happened to her and why she has been acting like that. way, knowing she’s engaged. It will be episode 10 of the tenth season of Chicago Fire, the one in charge of finally showing what is behind all this.

Trailer for episode 10 of season 10 of Chicago Fire shows the beginning of the intense conflict between Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd

And is that just a few hours before the debut of the second half of season 10 of Chicago Fire, NBC released the promotional trailer in which Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd appear in the middle of an intense discussion. It is not difficult to notice the nervousness of Rae Mayo’s character when he asks her if there is someone else in her life. Without a doubt, her response will be the one that defines the future of the relationship.

Recall that Stella Kidd returned at the end of episode 9 of season 10 of Chicago Fire, during the fall finale, after being absent so far from the current installment. Severide asked for explanations, as well as not giving home a warm reception. Fans of the firefighting action drama suspect that their relationship will face a number of obstacles in the future due to their actions, and there may be a breakup.