Chicago Fire: see how season 9 premiered


Are you ready to discover the main points of the new Chicago Fire season? The season 9 premiere episode aired yesterday (11) and is already giving something to talk about.

Fans of the series are already used to the first heavy episodes and the 9th season of Chicago Fire fulfilled their expectations. It was a set of drama, romance, suspense and, of course, a huge cliff came on the scene!

After the abrupt end of season eight, the 9th season of Chicago Fire still had to be stopped because of the coronavirus pandemic and had to be finished with three episodes less than planned.

Fortunately, the wait ended and everything went well. Check out the recap of the episode!

What to expect from Chicago Fire?

It’s official, the character Emily Foster (Annie Ilonzeh) is no longer in the series. This made Gianna Mackey and Sylvie Brett come together to command Ambulance 61. And the first day of this new work team was anything but quiet.

Right after Boden gives an introduction to how things work for the new crew member, his first call already happens: someone overdosed!

Things are not as simple as it seems and the case has a twist: Joe, the brother of the man who overdosed, puts a gun to Brett’s head and threatens him that if his brother dies, she will die too!

She takes control of the situation and refuses to back out of care, placing the patient in the ambulance to assist him and leaving Joe in the middle of the street.

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Meanwhile, Cruz exaggerates a little in wanting to know how Mack is doing, since she always wanted to be part of 51 and they grew up in the same neighborhood. On the way to the hospital, Brett and Mack are able to talk as well as possible, and even after Brett’s brother dies, they refuse to take the ambulance out of service.

The same day, Brett comes home and finds his door half open. She calls Casey right away to help her examine her apartment and see if everything is safe. And it is! But, just in case, Casey offers to sleep on the couch. They spend the night having fun and playing Heads Up!

However, nothing is that simple in Chicago Fire. The next day, while Gianna and Sylvie drive to answer another call, the brother of the survivor of this call takes the ambulance to the side of a bridge and they throw them to hit the pavement below.

When we talked about strong emotions and romance we weren’t kidding! To watch Chicago Fire, you need to be ready.

Follow the next episodes of the 9th season of the series here on Minha Série!


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