Chicago Fire season 9: first footage of the first episode


The first images of the first episode of season 9 of Chicago Fire have been revealed, showing that its start will be incredible, in addition to seeing the new member of the Firehouse 51.

The first episode of season 9 of Chicago Fire is entitled, “Rattle Second City”, but with these images and description it gives us a great idea of what is to come.

In just the first episode of the series it shows us how the Firehouse 51 will answer the call to an emergency, the fire of a club that was holding an activity.

But one of the interesting things that we can see in the images is the new actress of the series Adriyan Rae, who will play Gianna Mackey, who will be Sylvie Brett’s new partner. Check them out here.

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Chicago Fire House 51 firefighters, rescue teams and paramedics risk their lives week after week to save and protect the citizens of their amazing city. But now they will also have to face the COVID pandemic, undoubtedly a great fight.

The premiere of season 9 of Chicago Fire will be next Wednesday, November 11, 2020, on NBC at 9 p.m. United States time. It will certainly be full of surprises.

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