Chicago Fire Season 11: Severide & Star Turned to Kidd’s Future


Taylor Kinney talks about the future of Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd in the 11th season of “Chicago Fire”. Dick Wolf’s Chicago franchise began ten years ago with a show led by Firehouse 51. Ten years later, it is still confirmed that the series will continue: the premiere of the 11th season of “Chicago Firefighters” is scheduled for September 2022.

In the 10th season of the Chicago Police Department, Fire Department 51 has undergone many changes, not to mention internal and external problems. But, in the end, NBC presented a mostly pleasant ending with the long-delayed wedding of Severid and Kidd. After a few tosses back and forth, including Kidd disappearing for a while, Severide’s near-death experience prompted the two of them to finally move forward by tying the knot. Now that they are officially together, there is naturally interest in what awaits them next, as “Chicago Firefighters” continues with the 11th season, including whether the couple already plans to have children immediately after they got married.

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Conversation with Hello! Kinney Magazine addressed this issue. He claims he doesn’t know what the writers are planning for the 11th season of “Chicago Firemen” because he hasn’t received the scripts yet. But he expresses his excitement about what’s next for Severid and Kidd, including the possibility of having children. Read Kinney’s full quote below:

“I’m excited about season 11. I’m not familiar with the scripts or information about where they go… I have no idea [about the kids], but I’m excited.”

For context, although the 10th season of “Chicago Fire” ended with a celebration of Severide and Kidds’ union, it included an ominous tag that teased that the couple was in trouble. The newlyweds went straight to the place of their honeymoon, which is a hut in a remote area. However, unknowingly, a mysterious SUV stopped in front of him, and although it is unknown who is in it, there is a possibility that they are plotting something bad. They may be related to a case Severide stumbled upon at the end of the year. Although the case has been officially referred to the Chicago Police Intelligence Department, it looks like the department’s lieutenant will continue to be involved in this case.

Assuming both survive a potential ambush, it’s still doubtful the couple will have children right away. As seen in the 10th season of “Chicago Fire,” Kidd was focused on her career, wanting to do so much with her passionate project “Girls on Fire,” as well as becoming the new lieutenant of Fire Department 51, replacing Matt Casey, who recently left Chicago and moved to Portland. Oregon. Given how much they’ve both been thinking about tying the knot, there’s a chance they’ll take it slow and focus on their respective jobs first. That’s unless NBC wants to challenge them and present an unexpected pregnancy storyline, which will be very interesting as it will really test the couple’s relationship.


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