Chicago Fire Season 10: Why NBC Suspended Next Episodes


Chicago Fire is the successful firefighter drama of the NBC network, which narrates the lives of the members that make up the 51st battalion who risk their lives to save those of others, while the series brings to the screens the interrelationships between them, their romances , daily complications, as well as their failures and achievements. A fascinating program, which in its 10 seasons has kept millions of viewers around the world hooked on its stories.

Trained in 2012, fans have not only formed a solid base of followers for their stories, but also for the quality of each of their characters, who with their respective arcs have fallen in love with the audience over the years. Currently, viewers of Chicago Fire are preparing for a season 10 finale full of surprises, but before that the show will enter a new hiatus.

While NBC has suspended broadcasts of Chicago season 10 from the end of January to February 23 of this year, the series that follows the heroes of the 51st battalion will once again pause its transmission as it approaches the culmination of this installment, which is scheduled by the television network for next month.

The fire-fighting action drama will return this Wednesday, April 20 with Season 10 Episode 19 titled ‘Finish What You Started,’ and according to the synopsis courtesy of NBC, the 51st Battalion tackles a fire caused by a jet engine, while that one of their own is accused of a robbery related to the incident. Elsewhere, Stella Kidd and boss Wallace Boden disapprove of office assistant Kylie Estevez’s possible new love interest.

After the broadcast of the nineteenth episode of season 10, Chicago Fire will enter a new break until Wednesday, April 27, so it is expected to be back the following week with installment number 20 of a total of 22 episodes scheduled for this season. It should be noted that this is a pause scheduled by NBC as a way to lengthen the road a bit until reaching the conclusion at the end of May.

In this sense, as confirmed on NBC’s schedule for the remainder of the month, Chicago Fire and its sister series Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med will go into rerun mode after the 19th episode of each series airs. Therefore, Chicago Fire will arrive on Wednesday, April 27, repeating the episode of season 10, “Who should I fear?”, instead of a new installment. This is expected to be the last break of the season.