Chicago Fire Season 10: Who is the new villain of NBC’s firefighter drama


Season 10 of Chicago Fire, premiered at the end of September on NBC and currently maintains its broadcasts on a temporary pause, but will return on Wednesday, February 23 with new episodes, and it is most likely that the new villain of the drama will appear again. to continue his story, as he chases down one of the 51st Battalion firefighters. (Spoilers for Season 10)

Chicago Fire fans met during the first few episodes of season 10 Jason Pelham, a lieutenant who became the temporary replacement for Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer), who is played by Brett Dalton. Initially, his companions from the 51st battalion mistrusted him, but later they recognized that he is a good guy who apparently has a bad reputation.

Chicago Fire fans are clear that Jason Pelham is an honest worker who earned the support of Chief Wallace Boden, even to the point of assigning him Casey’s job during Stella Kidd’s (Miranda Rae Mayo) unexcused absence. The thing about Dalton’s character is that in his previous job he got into trouble after punching his superior in the face when he caught him stealing jewelry. However, Pelham never reported him.

In one of the recent episodes of the 10th installment of Chicago Fire, fans of the drama also met Deputy District Chief Don Kilbourne. It’s this character played by Jack Conley who is trying to get Boden to get rid of Pelham and fire him.

The truth is that by being a proper man, Pelham has earned some problems according to his story in the NBC drama. And one of these has to do with Chicago Fire’s new villain, Don Kilbourne, who went so far as to warn Boden that he will regret at some point assigning him a position in the 51st Battalion.

Recall that in season 10 of Chicago Fire, an incident occurs in which a firefighter named Sara McBride is injured. She then claims that Pelham gave the order for her which hurt her. Afterwards, it became clear that it was Kilbourne who manipulated the woman into lying and thus caused Dalton’s character to be fired.

The good thing is that in Chicago Fire it’s Stella who convinced McBride to take back what she said about Pelham. Accordingly, Deputy Commissioner Gloria Hill places Kilbourne on administrative leave pending an investigation into the McBride case. Now the deputy precinct chief is in trouble and if he loses his job fans can’t wait to see this nefarious character again.