Chicago Fire Season 10: These Stories Indicate Cast Changes Are Coming


Chicago Fire returned to screens on NBC after a long hiatus from season 10, to introduce new stories to viewers and more details about what will happen between Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo), after the misunderstandings that briefly separated them at the beginning of this installment.

However, there are two much more interesting facts that would be preparing Chicago Fire fans to receive two new characters that will be part of the cast of the remaining episodes of season 10. One of them is already confirmed by the creators of the Dick Wolf’s firefighter drama and that he would act as a paramedic..

In principle, there are a lot of rumors that revolve around the position of lieutenant that Stella Kidd applied for, which means that someone else could join her in this new position, if she manages to lead the truck that was in charge at the time. Captain Matt Casey (Jesse Specer). That character would become her partner for each mission that the brave firefighter must face.

In this sense, fans on Reddit support this theory by pointing out that the descriptions of the next two episodes point to important changes. An example of this is the description of episode 15 of season 10 of Chicago Fire, which notes that Stella Kidd needs to fill a vacant position in truck 81. And of course, users have some guesses as to what is going on. This was said by one of the fans:

“A slot will open up for Kidd at another station. Pelham will tell him that the 51st Chicago Fire Battalion is his home and he deserves it and he’ll take the vacant slot at the other station. As for the truck, I hear they’re going to get a new candidate. And as for the new paramedic, Brett will probably take extended leave to visit Casey and Hawkins will take his place.”

For her part, Caitlin Carver, from the series Dear White People and The Fosters, is chosen to join the cast of Chicago Fire as a paramedic for season 10 in mid-April 2022. Her name in the series will be Emma and apparently To the surprise of all viewers, his role will also be recurring.

Carver’s arrival opens another range of questions: It’s not clear if she will work in the 51st battalion or elsewhere. It is also possible that she could take the place of another paramedic on the team. With Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) and Matt Casey trying to make their long-distance relationship work, could Emma’s arrival herald Sylvie’s goodbye?