Chicago Fire Season 10: The new paramedic is up to something bad according to fans


Chicago Fire, the firefighting action drama that first premiered in 2012 on the NBC broadcast network, is currently airing with the final episodes of season 10, hitting fans’ screens with new and fascinating stories every Wednesday of every week engaging millions of viewers around the world. (Spoilers for episodes 17 and 18)

It was just under a month ago that it was announced that a new paramedic would be making her entrance on the hit drama Chicago Fire. Emma Jacobs (Caitlin Carver), first appeared with season 10 episode 17 to cover for the apparent temporary absence of Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer), who went to visit her love interest Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer), after of suffering a depressive crisis in one of the recent deliveries.

With the final episodes of the tenth installment of Chicago Fire, Emma Jacobs was introduced as the new paramedic before all the members of the 51st battalion. The new character has only appeared in a couple of episodes, and although it is too early to specify what the arc of her character, some fans of the NBC drama are taking a dim view of her.

While her 51st Battalion co-workers are having second thoughts about some aspects of Emma Jacobs’s past life, Chicago Fire fans are also unraveling with their little lies that I’m doing something wrong with her and that she may not have good intentions. and therefore is up to something.

In one of the recently aired episodes, Violet was quick to notice that Emma is unfazed by the graphic injuries she sees at work; She, too, doesn’t have the friendliest attitude toward the injured people she treats, but Sylvie Brett’s partner, she can’t deny that the new paramedic seems competent enough at her job.

In Chicago Fire, Emma was caught in a lie. She told Ritter and Gallo that she had studied pre-med at Johns Hopkins before becoming a paramedic, but was found out after they investigated at the university itself, and found that there is no record that she had ever attended lessons.

In this sense, suspicious fans of Chicago Fire, after watching episode 18 of season 10 of the successful NBC drama, went to Reddit to expose their theories about what the new character played by Caitlin Carver could bring. They claim that she is up to something bad.

“I don’t know what it is exactly, but there is something weird about it that I don’t like,” one Reddit user wrote.

“However, there’s something off about her… maybe it’s just that she has really bad bedside manners of hers? I think it’s weird that she likes blood and gore, and she was kind of abrasive how she talked to those hockey players.”

“What was supposedly not loaded in the ambulance, I don’t think so. Either she says it to pick on Violet or she’s going to do something that will shock a patient and then blame Violet. That’s the vibe I get anyway,” wrote a fan on Reddit about what he told Violet, that the EKG monitor in the ambulance was not charged.