Chicago Fire Season 10: The character about to leave the NBC drama


Chicago Fire, the firefighter drama that follows the lives of the heroes of the 51st Battalion, will return to fans’ screens on NBC after a month-long absence. The hit series One Chicago will pick up its fascinating story with a new episode, but one of its characters is highly unlikely to return.

Throughout its run, Chicago Fire has featured a large number of recurring characters, which are necessary to enrich the show’s stories, as they represent key elements in the flow of the plots by intertwining with the main characters of the cast. In 10 seasons, fans have seen many of them leave, and while some return temporarily, others are gone never to return.

And it seems that one of these characters is about to say goodbye to Chicago Fire. So far, it has appeared mostly in special moments from season 2 to 9 with the exception of the seventh installment. This is Donna Robbins, the wife of the head of the 51st Battalion, Boden Wallace, played by Melissa Ponzio.

Recall that the Chicago Fire star also gave life to Melissa McCall, a main character in the supernatural series Teen Wolf, which was broadcast until its sixth season, which ended in 2017. The actress remained on that show as the mother of Scott McCall, the lead in the drama.

Many will be asking the reason why it is unlikely that Melissa will not return to Chicago Fire for at least the remainder of season 10. It turns out that Ponzio could reprise her role as Melissa McCall in the development of the Teen Wolf movie, a project of the Paramount + platform, and which is scheduled to launch this year. The actress, she announced through the social network Twitter her participation in the film, writing the following:

“Well, well, GOOD…the full moon turns the tide, so it’s the perfect time to announce THE PACK IS BACK! The movie ‘Teen Wolf’ is coming to Paramount+ later this year! We’re more excited than you. Thank you so much for your support always ‘Teen Wolf’ Family… HERE WE COME!”

While Chicago Fire fans will be missing out on Donna eventually, the NBC drama just announced her newest addition to the drama. Caitlin Carver joins the cast as the NBC series’ new paramedic to keep Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) company.