Chicago Fire Season 10: Tension grows between 2 characters due to jealousy


Chicago Fire, the fire action drama that follows the lives of the heroes that make up the 51st battalion and the relationships between them, returned this week to fans’ screens with a new episode of season 10. With this installment, the Fans met Violet Mikami’s new love interest, Paramedic Camp Chief Evan Hawkins.

With Chicago Fire season 10, fans have been witness to the secret romance between Violet and Hawkins moving forward on the NBC series. But, with episode 16 airing this week, this romantic relationship is leading to an intense situation involving the paramedic’s previous love interest, Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende), whom she also used to date.

Ever since Violet and Hawkins are dating, on Chicago Fire, Blake Gallo has been showing feelings of jealousy over the new relationship, as revealed in the promotional trailer for episode 16 of season 10 of the hit drama before it aired. , where both characters appear having a tense conversation about it.

Let’s remember that Violet and Gallo have known each other for some time, and the fact that they attended the same academy set a precedent for their relationship to become somewhat romantic. However, Gallo’s constant jealousy and lack of communication caused a breakup.

But, in Season 10 of the Chicago Fire, things changed for Violet when Hawkins began to show an interest in her while they spent a lot of time together. It was there that Gallo began to suspect that there was a type of relationship between the two that went beyond matters related to work. And as expected, this caught the attention of Rosende’s character and therefore he asked why the head of paramedics spent so much time in the 51st battalion.

Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 16 Trailer

In episode 13, Gallo warned Violet that her affair with Hawkins would get her into serious trouble. It was obvious that he was jealous, and Violet’s response was that she should back off with her feelings of jealousy. But, it was with this week’s Chicago Fire broadcast that Gallo finally confronted Hawkins hinting that he was visiting the 51st battalion a lot and that he was sure he was for Violet.

What is certain is that before season 10 of Chicago Fore ends, the NBC series must show how far Violet and Hawkins will go with their relationship. Surely the fans hope that at any moment they will be publicly announced to their fellow battalion. It is also worth wondering how far Gallo can go with jealousy. Hanako Greensmith, who plays Violet, said that her character will have to deal in the future with the negative opinions of those closest to her, regarding that relationship. This the actress told TVLine:

“I think it’s been a harder pill for Violet to swallow, it’s recognizing that obviously this is not going to please everyone, the people closest to her.”