Chicago Fire Season 10: Taylor Kinney Finally Spoken About Her Departure From The Drama


Chicago Fire is the hit firefighting drama that airs on the NBC network. It is currently on a brief hiatus from its season 10, but is scheduled to return to fan screens next Wednesday, January 5, 2022 with an exciting new episode.

Fans of the pioneering show in the One Chicago franchise still can’t get over the departure of one of the series’ most beloved characters. Recall that with the broadcast of the fifth episode of season 10, which coincided with the 200th milestone of the entire drama, Cap. Matt Casey said goodbye to everyone. Jesse Spencer’s character, he left after a decade as the lead.

Be aware that Spencer’s departure was a serious blow not only to the Chicago Fire cast, but to the fans as well. Before his departure, there was speculation that the one who was prone to leaving was Taylor Kinney, who plays Miranda Rae Mayo’s love interest Stella Kidd on the show. The rumors have been running since the season 9 finale, and now the drama star is finally talking about this apparent outing.

Recall that Taylor Kinney has played Kelly Severide from the beginning. With such a drastic cast change, it’s reasonable that fans are concerned that Kinney is leaving the Chicago Fire as well. Fortunately, the actor feels that there is much more to do with his character on the NBC series and therefore everything that has been said about leaving his role is false.

Fortunately, fans of the series need not worry about Kinney leaving the show anytime soon. The actor spoke about his character in a November interview with Hollywood Outbreak, and this was all he had to say to the string of speculative comments, referring to Kelly Severide:

“You don’t spend a lot of time in the rear view mirror. So something exciting is always happening. There is always something you are working on. He loves his craft. He loves what he has done for a living. ”

“I do not feel that there are stories to tell with this character.”

This comment definitely makes it look like Kinney will be staying for a while longer at Chicago Fire. The narrative is currently developing a lot of drama between Severide and Stella Kidd in season 10, and fans are dying to see how things turn out. The couple should have a conversation series when the drama returns to the screens next week.