Chicago Fire Season 10: Showrunner Hints When Matt Casey Returns To NBC Drama


Chicago Fire is one of three dramas in the successful One Chicago franchise created by Dick Wolf. The series that premiered in 2012 and follows the firefighters and paramedics who are members of the 51st Battalion, is currently airing its tenth season on the NBC network, which said goodbye to its fifth episode. one of the fan favorites, Captain Matt Casey.

In Chicago Fire, Matt Casey is considered one of the key elements in the history of the successful drama, but unfortunately he had to say goodbye to the character in episode 5, which coincided with the 200th milestone of the entire series. Played by actor Jesse Spencer, he has been on the show since the first season.

Without a doubt, being Captain Casey one of the most relevant men within the 51 battalion of the Chicago Fire, his dismissal not only left a huge void among his co-workers who were his real family, but also in the hearts of the fans. who until now continue to grieve over his departure and wonder when he will return to the drama.

Let’s remember that in Chicago Fire Matt Casey is still alive. Sylvie’s love interest, Brett (Kara Killmer), has left for Oregon on a special mission on a personal level, which is none other than to take care of the children of his fallen best friend during the line of duty in the pilot episode of the series. NBC series.

Importantly, Jesse Spencer may have walked out of the drama with an emotional exit for his character, but keep in mind that he left the door open for a future Chicago Fire return. Therefore, Matt Casey could appear in the not too distant future, and this was made clear by showrunner Derek Hass during a recent interview with Variety.

Derek Haas spoke about Casey and the possibility of him making a cameo appearance in Season 10 of Chicago Fire. While the showrunner had previously been vague on details, he did provide some crucial tidbits about the character’s timeline. The subject of Casey’s return was brought up in connection with the upcoming wedding between Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo). The truth is that Haas did not openly confirm the participation of the character, but he did say that it would be a great shame if he did not attend to support his friends. This commented on it:

“I’d be mortified if there was a wedding that didn’t include Casey.”

Without a doubt, this is a sign that Matt Casey will return with season 10, since it has been suggested on different occasions that the wedding between Severide and Kidd is very likely to materialize in this installment. It only remains to wait for Chicago Fire and NBC to confirm it to be sure.