Chicago Fire Season 10: Revealed why Gabby Dawson won’t return with final episode


Chicago Fire, the hit fire action drama from the NBC broadcast network, premiered season 10 at the end of September 2021, and is scheduled to release the last episode of this part of the story that involves the heroes of the 51st battalion, on Wednesday the 25th as the television network has it scheduled.

Chicago Fire fans know that the series’ tenth season finale will finally bring Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd down the aisle. After so many complications, especially when she went on tour earlier this installment with her show Girls on Fire, and never called or wrote her fiancé, the firefighter couple is finally getting married.

There is no doubt that this is one of the most anticipated events for fans of Chicago Fire, since the production of the program promised that with the final episode some characters from the past of the series will return, including Matthew Casey, the character by Jesse Spencer, who left with the fifth episode airing in October 2021.

Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Hass stated in a recent interview that Jesse Spencer was in talks to return for the final episode of season 10, so that his character would be present at Spencer’s friend’s wedding. he Kelly Severide. Fortunately, on Wednesday of this week it was confirmed that the actor will be back as Matt Casey to be the godfather.

Alongside Jesse Spencer, Kara Kilmer will reprise her role as Sylvie Brett, Casey’s love interest, with whom she is currently in a long-distance relationship. The beloved paramedic, she has been on leave from work for a short time, as she left for Oregon for the purpose of visiting Spencer’s character.

The truth is that with the final episode of the tenth installment of Chicago Fire, fans will delight not only with the return of Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett, but also with other characters who have not appeared on screen for some time. What loyal viewers of the hit firefighter drama should be sure of, however, is that Monica Raymund will not be present as Gabby Dawson at Severide and Kidd’s wedding.

Derek Hass was interviewed by Deadline this week to discuss Jesse Spencer’s return with the Chicago Fire episode 10 finale, and when asked if Matt Casey’s ex-wife Gabby Dawson would be invited to the wedding, showrunner of the drama assured that no, explaining the reasons that prevented Monica Raymund from reprising her role.

“I actually spoke to Monica [Monday], she’s directing an episode of my friend’s upcoming TV series, National Treasure. She so she’s busy,” Haas said. “She has been directing a lot. I’ve left Dawson behind. Andrea and I convinced her to come back a couple of times, but I don’t think she’s coming back anytime soon.”