Chicago Fire Season 10: Joe Minoso confirms what we suspected about the series


Chicago Fire is the firefighter drama heading towards the end of season 10 on NBC. By its nature, the series always puts the lives of its characters at risk and this installment has been no exception, as Joe Minoso, who plays Joe Cruz, said. The series, since it premiered in 2012 through the NBC broadcast network, began to murder its characters. The successful series created by Dick Wolf is currently airing its 10th season, and the remaining episodes of this installment may not be the exception in bringing the death of one of its characters to the screen.

The hit fire-fighting action drama that follows the lives of the members of the 51st battalion, is heading towards the end of season 10 which is scheduled for the last days of May. And as this date approaches, not only Chicago Fire fans are beginning to worry about the fate of the characters, but also the very actors who bring them to life.

It is the nature of Chicago Fire that leads to tense moments on the set of the NBC series. Seeing character deaths at the beginning or end of each season is undoubtedly a key factor in the stories that generate an impact on the audience, as has happened in the past of the program.

While fans right now are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what will happen with the final episodes of Chicago Fire season 10, and if anyone dies, Joe Cruz actor Joe Minoso explained in a recent interview with US Weekly about the NBC firefighter drama’s propensity for sudden deaths throughout its on-screen run.

In addition, the star of the series also referred to how much the Chicago Fire actors know in advance of these deaths. Minoso stated that the cast members raise their tension level every time the end of a season is near, as they are innocent of what is coming for their characters.

“Any given episode can be the last,” the actor said. “This time of year especially, everyone is like, ‘Oh man, what’s going to happen in the finale? What will happen in the end? We all go crazy every year. Nobody is ever safe. And you try to say, ‘I feel, like, pretty good.

Recall that between the end of season 9 and the beginning of the ninth installment of Chicago Fire, Joe Cruz was close to death. Luckily, his partner Kelly Severide saved him and then he ended up being rescued by the heroes of Ambulance 61. The last time fans of the show saw a shocking death, it was at the start of season 8 after the Otis incident.

“Usually when you get to the last two or three episodes, if your storyline is lighter, you’re happier because it means they’re not really focusing on character,” he revealed. “So I hope they don’t kill you.”