Chicago Fire Season 10: Joe Cruz’s heartwarming new story on the NBC drama


Chicago Fire, the NBC firefighter action drama that first premiered in 2012, will begin its final stretch next week to wrap up season 10, which debuted in late September last year. But not before involving Joe Cruz in another fantastic and emotional story. (Spoilers for episode 16)

Chicago Fire fans know Joe Cruz up close, a character played by Joe Minoso since the first season, and who with his stories has brought joy to viewers’ screens, but also moments of anguish. Examples of the latter was when in season 1 he felt guilty after letting the leader of the street gang where his brother was involved die.

Another devastating story for Cruz was when his best friend Otis died at the beginning of season 8. An event that affected not only the character of Joe Minoso, but also the actor himself and the audience that followed these heartbreaking moments for two episodes, receiving a huge impact.

At the end of season 9 of Chicago Fire, Joe Cruz nearly died of suffocation after a rescue operation. However, in season 10 episode 5, another heartwarming plotline featured him welcoming his child with his wife Chloe, who was named Brian, after Otis.

And it is that since then, Joe Cruz has not developed another important story in Chicago Fire. However, everything changed with the recently aired season 10 episode 16, when he rescued a little boy from a house fire, after he fell out of the window. The character of Minoso, in a moving scene, joins the boy named Javi, who is an orphan while a missionary tries to take care of him and two others.

It turns out that the boy escapes from the hospital and manages to find the whereabouts of Joe Cruz at the station, and that is when the firefighter finds out that the nanny will no longer be able to take care of him and the other two minors. Cruz convinces Chloe that they should give the boy a place to stay at home. And when Brian wakes up crying, his father wakes up and manages to see Javi singing to him to fall asleep. This was a moment that certainly brought tears to quite a few viewers.

Many wonder what will happen to Javi when Chicago Fire returns to the screens on Wednesday, April 6 with episode 17 of season 10. Fans remain hopeful that the boy will return for more stories to continue showing that human side that characterizes Javi. Joe Cruz on the NBC drama. According to the synopsis, he reveals that “Chloe and Cruz adjust to a new family dynamic.”