Chicago Fire Season 10: Is Wendy Seager Returning to Take Kelly Severide?


Chicago Fire is currently airing its 10th season on the NBC broadcast network, since it premiered in late September. Production of the firefighter drama resumed filming last weekend after work was temporarily halted.

The hit firefighter drama returns to fans’ screens this week with a new season 10 episode. Chicago Fire, has been making things difficult for one of fans’ most beloved romantic couples. Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo), since the final episode of the first half of the season, have been arguing about the fate of their relationship.

Now, with the arrival of episode 11, Severide will receive a visit from a face familiar to all fans of the NBC series. Wendy Seager (Andy Allo) returns to Chicago Fire, to continue working with the team of heroes including the character of Taylor Kinney, with whom she has had a closer relationship lately, and Stella knows it.

With his arrival, many fans are wondering if Seager and Severide could have a thing on Chicago Fire, especially now that the latter’s relationship with Stella has been on the rocks during the most recent episodes of the NBC drama. Let’s remember that Mayo’s character left the battalion for longer than expected, and she was not able to answer or return calls and messages to her fiancé.

In Chicago Fire, Wendy Seager was first seen in Season 8 to work at the Bureau of Fire Investigation. And because of her roles, she often works closely with Kelly Severide, which is why she became a recurring character ever since. Many fans have linked her to Severide, with some thinking that they could come to a relationship at some point.

The truth is that Wendy Seager is returning to Chicago Fire because she has many stories to tell, but there are no signs that she is going to establish any kind of romance with Severide, since her relationship does not go beyond the professional . So far, he and Stella Kidd are getting married, so it would be very difficult for things to change anytime soon. Showrunner Derek Haas also told fans that they can expect to see more of her moving forward to collaborate with Kinney’s character. This he told TV Guide:

“We’ve been reading a lot of interesting articles about [arson] cases and how they can go either way. ‘Was it an insurance claim? Was this arson?’ is, to us, interesting, and then you add Seager and Van Meter into the mix, and we think it’s fun. They love Severide. They want me to work there. And that makes it fun for us, to be able to push him into those stories and get them out. There will be a few more of those before the year is out. You haven’t seen the last of Seager.”