Chicago Fire Season 10: How Matt Casey’s departure is affecting Sylvie Brett


Chicago Fire returned this Wednesday like every week with a new episode of season 10 through the NBC broadcast network. The pioneering series in the One Chicago franchise, it moves toward the end of the installment as it continues to flesh out its characters’ story arcs, and in this installment it was Kara Killmer’s Sylvie Brett who drew the most attention. (Spoilers for episode 15 of season 10)

What Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Hass predicted is happening in the fire-fighting action drama. From the very moment of Matthew Casey’s (Jesse Spencer) exit at the end of season 10 episode 5, there was a glimpse of what was to come for Sylvie Brett on the hit show. The fallout from her departure is taking a huge toll on Killmer’s character.

Chicago Fire season 10 episode 15 was titled “The Missing Piece”. And in this installment, fans got to witness how Sylvie Brett is suffering being away from Casey. Let us remember that the captain resigned from his job in the 51st battalion and then went to Portland, Oregon, with the purpose of taking care of the children of his late friend Andy Darden.

Since Casey left, in Chicago Fire he and Sylvie Brett are doing their best to maintain a long-distance relationship. And what Derek Hass said in December, after Casey left in the fifth episode of season 10, was that this decision would have devastating consequences for the character of Killmer and that is what is happening now.

Although the only option was to keep the relationship from afar with some occasional visits in between, it seems that this is no longer working for the paramedic, who was seen crying after her video call with Casey in episode 15 of the tenth installment of Chicago Fire, which aired last Wednesday.

Fans watched as Sylvie Brett admitted to Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith) that she misses Casey. At the same time, she reflected on what it means to spend every moment with a loved one. In Chicago Fire, Brett realized that she needs to take some time off not only to visit Spencer’s character in Oregon, but also to think about what she really wants in her life.

Without a doubt, these consequences of Matt Casey’s departure were seen to come. It was at the end of 2021 when Hass explained during an interview with TV Insider that managing long-distance romantic relationships is never easy, as it is initially thought. The truth is that after the captain left, everything seemed to be going very well, but now things are changing, at least for Sylvie Brett.