Chicago Fire Season 10: Characters Who Could Say Goodbye After Matt Casey


Chicago Fire, the hit 51st Battalion firefighter drama that airs weekly on Wednesdays across the NBC broadcast network, will return with an upcoming Season 10 episode while fans are still processing the recent outing. Jesse Spencer as Matt Casey from the series he starred in since 2012. (Spoilers for season 10)

Jesse Spacer walked away with the fifth episode of season 10 of Chicago Fire. The character was one of the key elements of the firefighter drama and now fans are left wondering who might be next to say goodbye to the NBC series now that the second half of the current installment recently premiered.

One of the names that is giving what to talk about in Jason Pelham. The character played by Brett Dalton since Matt Casey left the 51st battalion, became his replacement thanks to his good performance and the absence of Stella Kidd, who was the favorite to fill the vacant position in truck 81. Now with the return by Miranda Rae Mayo, Jason will likely have to leave as he resigns as a firehouse lieutenant.

Proof that Jason Pelham might leave before Season 10 ends was recorded in Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 14, when Dalton’s character told Stella that he was going to another position so she could take the job. that corresponds to him in truck 81 of the 51st battalion. Although this indicates that he is leaving, fans can only wait and see what follows.

Likewise, Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) could also leave due to her relationship with Matt Casey. Let’s remember that she and Spencer’s character were just beginning their relationship when he had to say goodbye to his job to move to Oregon. Fans of the NBC show wondered what would happen to Brett now that she’s in a long-distance relationship.

And it is that according to Sylvie Brett’s past, everything indicates that she could leave Chicago Fire, and this is based on that time that she accepted a job in Indiana to maintain a relationship. Although she later returned to Chicago, it is possible that she decides to retake this approach with Casey so she can visit him on the West Coast to be closer.

On the other hand, there is Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende), who could leave after completing his romance with Violet Mikami, who now has a romantic relationship with Chief Hawkins. This no doubt leaves the character with fewer stories or a meaningless direction in Chicago Fire. Also, in Season 10 episode 14 he seemed eager to learn more and take additional classes to improve his skills after seeing an amazing rescue. Severide seems happy to help Gallo improve his abilities, but if Gallo can get into a class, the creators of the series may use this as a reason to ditch the character from him altogether.