Chicago Fire: Reason Casey Hasn’t Completely Disappeared Revealed


Chicago Fire has been debuting since 2012 on NBC screens. According to the production of the drama, its plot is inspired by the moments that lifeguards live in Chicago while fighting fires and saving people from traumatic accidents.

Like every other drama in this franchise, Chicago Fire isn’t just about what these characters do in their day jobs, it’s also about compelling storylines that address what happens when these characters are off the clock. Throughout its ten seasons, we have seen how the stories have been changing drastically.

In this NBC series, we saw how numerous couples were formed and as the series progressed they were separated. Such is the case of one of them specific, such as Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer), these two became one of the favorite romances of all Chicago Fire.

Although for years, NBC viewers have been waiting for the couple to get together, it seems that the fate of both is to maintain a difficult romance. In the fourth episode of this season 10, Chicago Fire hinted at a possible breakup. Later, in the fifth episode, it was confirmed that Casey would be leaving the show.

According to comments from series co-creator Derek Haas, he explained why the character of Jesse Spencer hasn’t completely disappeared from the drama. This is why he is expected to possibly return to the drama.

According to Derek Haas, he wasn’t about to let anyone down by letting Brett and Casey’s relationship die simply because Jesse Spencer is no longer a part of the show. So, Casey and Brett in addition to maintaining a distance relationship, Haas left an open door for guest appearances, of his own, if Jesse Spencer is willing.

Undoubtedly, this news made the fans of Chicago Fire happy, who did not hesitate to express themselves through social networks, now we just have to wait a little longer and find out what will really happen with this pair.

“It would have been like cheating after they built that relationship for so many seasons and then just tossed it in the trash due to production demand.” “I’d be mortified if there was a wedding that didn’t include Casey.”