Chicago Fire: outraged fans express displeasure at what they are doing with Stella


Chicago Fire will return to fan screens on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, just as the NBC network has scheduled. The firefighting action drama will debut with episode 10 the second half of the tenth season, a installment that has been marked by the absence of Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) since it began at the end of last September.

Stella Kidd, who was promoted to lieutenant in Chicago Fire’s 51st Battalion at the end of Season 9, was busy off-screen as she stayed in the middle of her Girls on Fire tour. It was with episode 6 that it aired on December 6, when she finally returned, but did not get a warm reception from her fiancé Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney).

Kidd and Severide got engaged during the Chicago Fire’s last installment after so many tough situations. Now that they plan to get married, while she was on tour she did not communicate with her lover, and she did not answer the countless calls and messages from her. Undoubtedly, a situation that could be hinting that a possible breakup is approaching for the couple, although we have to wait for their arguments that explain the reason for remaining without communication all this time.

Stella Kidd is one of the most beloved by fans of the NBC firefighting drama. Therefore, loyal viewers cannot accept the direction in which the show’s writers take the character of Mayo so far in season 10, after he abandoned Severide and his co-workers by not communicating with them, not even at the time when Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) left.

Due to her prolonged absence from Battalion 51, Kidd has lost the permanent job to command Truck 81, which she had been offered when Casey decided to leave. As Chief Wallace Boden points out, her leave of absence has turned out to be much longer than originally planned, and for that reason she was assigned the full-time position to newcomer Jason Pelham.

In Chicago Fire, it is not known what the fate of Stella Kidd will be due to her deteriorating relationship with Severide and her co-workers, and the uncertainty regarding her career. With this on the minds of the firefighting drama writers, fans are unhappy with the direction in which Miranda Rae Mayo’s character is being taken in season 10. Fans are outraged, which is why they turned to Reddit to express your discomfort:

“I love Miranda Rae Mayo … but I hate what they’re doing with Kidd. Who the hell goes silent on the radio for a HUGE moment in her career?”

“I agree with you. I think she has always been a great character and I have always loved her, but she did not even take calls from Severide, but even from Boden, who has been like a second father and daughter and she knows she just became in lieutenant “. I don’t know just to keep taking longer and longer, I mean, they can fire you from your job because of abandonment. ”

Stella will be making a comeback with Chicago Fire episode 10 in January, and she will have to offer a lot of explanations as to why she disappeared for so long without saying anything and leaving everyone like no one cares. What has been speculated recently is that Mayo could be leaving the Chicago Fire and that is why they are preparing the departure of Stella Kidd, although that is not confirmed.